Lights of Venice


Red Hand blown murano glass Chandelier made in Italy. Private residence. Beverly Hills, Ca.
Hand blown Murano glass. ITALY, Pendant,table lamp,Tri pod floor lamp. In Red and White.
Hand blown Murano glass, Pendant. Available in White and clean glass.Made in Italy.
Murano glass. Cascading Chandelier is Red, available in other colors and size. Made in Italy
Cascading Custom design Murano glass Chandelier. Made in Italy.
Murano glass. Custom Ceiling mount / hanging Chandelier
Double layer hand blown Murano glass, Silver and clear. Also available in, Red, Amber,.....Made in Italy
Fendi Palace
Hand blown Murano glass, Pendant. Available in other colors.Made in Italy.
Hand blown Murano glass. FENDI PALACE. Dubai